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Testing Smol Laundry Pods

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

One of my easiest swaps by far has to be trading regular laundry pods for more ecofriendly ones. I decided to test out Smol laundry pods, partly because they offered a free trial online (which as a student on a tighter-than-tight budget I definitely appreciate).

They arrive through your door in cardboard packing which is wonderful! I had never contemplated that the laundry pods I was buying before came in unnecessary single-use plastic that was always thrown away. Smol do bio, non-bio and unscented versions, so there's great variety. They've even designed a cardboard child lock mechanism which works amazingly well, considering as it's built into already compact packaging.

I've been testing them out for months and think they're great, I even made a little video for my Instagram to try get my followers interested - it's also at the bottom of this post!

I only do a couple loads of laundry once a fortnight - life gets in the way. For me, personally, one leading brand tub can last me about six months so that's not a huge amount of plastic. However, for bigger families or frequent washers that plastic can really add up. And, when you're busy running around with a manic lifestyle it can be hard to find the time to get those laundry necessities in for when you need them. Smol solves this problem by delivering straight to your door as often as you require through a personalised subscription service. They also smell good too!

I recommend them, especially to busy people trying to work on their plastic consumption and sustainability while juggling other elements of their life.

Check them out at They also have a range of cleaning supplies!

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