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A Bit About Me

I'm Cara, and I'm devoting my life to sustainable practices and living. I'm a full time student at Lancaster university with a part time job, and I'm filling the gaps with learning and living as much as I can about sustainability.

All the buzz words can be a bit much - eco minimalism, sustainability, climatarian, zero waste etc. While I don't fall into any particular category, I think I fall into my own; trying my best. And, when it comes to the planet that's all we can do. There's this idea that to be sustainable you have to be perfect - no plastics, no wasting shower water, no foods with air miles. It's a lot to navigate when you're feeling less than everyone else in the community, but here I document my eco-wins but also just importantly, my eco-fails. To live is to learn and the world is my classroom. Welcome to Sustainability 101, I hope you like it here.


Stick around for lifestyle and fashion tips, and a guide to sustainability in Lancaster. 


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